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The name Rove is inspired by two elements. The meaning of the word rove is to wander around travelling, but it also combines the owner’s name & last name: Roberto Velez. This name gave way to our inspiration of the area’s history. Arizona is known to be founded by the settlers who first discovered it, who must have spent much time roving around what is now Phoenix. The phrase “settle in” references this narrative, but also invites clients to feel more welcome in their new homes. buildings, offices, etc.


The brand’s pattern is inspired by vertical growth and cities rising, but it takes it’s graphic language from blueprint plans. The headline type references the treatment that is given to titles in maps, where the letters are exaggeratedly spread out.

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The brand required a set of icons for usage on the website and informative material. These were formed from the same lines that create the brand pattern.

Rove Icons

Design Direction: Adriana Longoria