Cala Branding Featured on World Packaging Design Society

Brand Development for Mexican Artisanal Design of Contemporary Pieces for Modern Homes


Caracter - Cala Branding

"Cala creates contemporary pieces with Mexican artisans for modern homes. As a new business, they asked us to create their brand identity from scratch.

The name Cala was inspired by Diego Rivera's paintings, which featured artisans with calla lillies in the scene. The Brand Phrase, “Hecho a mano mexicana” translates to “Crafted by Mexican hands.”

This project involved creating a custom typeface. It’s inspired by raw strokes to evoke a natural, native look. This stenciled font is also easy to reproduce and use for the store's collateral.

Caracter also helped art direct the product photography and meant for it to evoke still-life paintings with fabric, flowers and dramatic lighting."

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